EpiCentre Arts


Our Mission

EpiCentre Arts is a visual arts organization made up of artists, art instructors, students and patrons of the arts within an approximate 100-mile radius of Whitesburg, Kentucky. Our function is multi-faceted – part artists’ support group, part cooperative, part community arts organization. As a support group, we offer the opportunity for artists to gather for fellowship, support and encouragement. As a cooperative, we share ideas and opportunities to generate income, share resources for learning and teaching and help each other in practical ways such as ordering supplies in bulk, finding exhibition venues and sharing in the work and expense of exhibiting our art. Our role as a community arts organization involves, among other things, arts advocacy, initiating art projects and encouraging community participation in arts events such as exhibits, classes and workshops. We are a non-profit organization.

Art is vital to the health and wellbeing of both the individual and the community. The process of generating art fulfills the human need to imagine, to create, to express emotion and thought, and to share common experience. Art serves as both a mirror to reflect society and a tool with which to shape it. Among its many vital functions art illuminates beauty in its varied forms, reveals truth and sheds light on the human condition. As a means of serving the needs of both the individual and the community, EpiCentre Arts exists to encourage, support and facilitate the creation and presentation of visual art.