Our Mission

Housing Oriented Ministries Established for Service, Inc. (HOMES, Inc.) is a private, non-profit 501 (c) (3) located in Whitesburg, Kentucky, with an outpost in neighboring Neon, Kentucky. It was established in 1984 when the Whitesburg Home Repair Program (a home repair service program operated by the Mennonite Central Committee) and East Kentucky Housing Development Corporation (an affordable housing corporation in existence since 1967) merged to provide affordable housing to low income families in Letcher and surrounding counties.

HOMES, Inc.’s mission is to provide affordable housing solutions to low income families in Letcher and surrounding counties. These affordable housing solutions include affordable, energy efficient homebuyer opportunities, quality affordable home repairs and affordable rental opportunities.

HOMES, Inc. has partnered with the Saving Grace Homeless shelter to provide the “bricks and sticks” for housing people who are homeless; Saving Grace Homeless Shelter provides the services. We have partnered with Letcher County CARES to provide housing for seven families who are the victims of domestic violence. We provide the housing/landlord services Letcher County CARES is responsible to provide the safety aspect and social services for these families.

HOMES, Inc. has 11 employees who are engaged in the work year-round. They are in the process of expanding their service area to include portions of Wise and Dickenson Counties in Virginia.