Position Title: Organizer

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• Direct Supervisor: Appalshop Executive Director

• Supervises: Other staff/fellows/interns as hired

• % Effort/Hours: Full time, salaried, exempt

• Compensation: $27-35,000/year, benefits negotiable

Position Overview

The Letcher County Culture Hub is a non-partisan group of organizations of, by, and for the people of Letcher County, Kentucky. We work together through our shared culture to imagine and create a future where we own what we make. Our shared culture grounds us in our roots (solidarity, independence, interdependence) and forms the heart of the way we work (storytelling and sharing) and what we make (from music to media to food to solar energy to broadband internet).

We seek a creative, ambitious organizer to work with current leaders, develop new ones, and facilitate the continued growth and development of the Culture Hub, as we work toward expanding our partnerships, growing existing work, identifying and acting on new opportunities, clarifying our strategy, and broadening our reach. This position is an employee of Appalshop and reports to the Appalshop Executive Direction, with day-to-day direction and evaluation exercised primarily by the Culture Hub’s Leadership SubHub.

Primary Responsibilities

The Letcher County Culture Hub organizer will:

·      Take responsibility for shaping and executing Culture Hub’s long- and short-term strategy, in close collaboration with Culture Hub leadership and other partners, including fundraising strategy.

·      Take responsibility for ensuring the long- and short-term sustainability of the Culture Hub, in collaboration with Culture Hub leadership and other partners, through building effective relationships with media, regional and national partners, and current and potential investors.

·      Facilitate internal communication among Culture Hub partners and others involved with the work, in and outside of Letcher County, including through frequent one-to-one and group meetings.

·      Hold partners and others accountable for necessary work, and assist where needed.

·      Identify and develop an ever-broadening range of leaders, toward ever more inclusive community involvement with and ownership and control of the work.

Qualifications and Skills

A successful candidate will have demonstrated:

·      A long-term commitment to building a new, prosperous, and equitable future for residents of Letcher County, Kentucky and surrounding areas.

·      Ability to facilitate collaboration, negotiate tensions, and move an ambitious and complex agenda in collaboration with partners from a wide range of backgrounds.

·      Ability to work effectively both independently and as part of a diverse team.

·      Exceptional oral, written, and visual communication skills.

·      Creativity, critical thinking, energy, positivity, and a sense of humor.

·      Ability and willingness to drive, and access to a car and cell phone.

·      As a full-time, salaried employee, willingness to work some evenings and weekends.            

To apply: please send a cover letter, resume, three work samples demonstrating the above qualifications/skills, and three references to Seth Long (sethlong@bellsouth.net) by Monday, August 13.

Appalshop is an equal opportunity employer, and its employment policies and practices are applicable to all employees without regard to race, age, sex, color, sexual orientation, creed, disability or national origin.