Little Shepherd Amphitheatre / Cumberland Mountain Arts & Crafts Council


Our Mission

The mission of the Cumberland Mountain Arts & Crafts Council, Inc. is to provide regional opportunities to enhance cultural enrichment by promoting the talents of our region’s artists and musicians through the production of the outdoor drama, The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come, in order to promote sustainable tourism that respects the heritage, history and culture of eastern Kentucky Appalachia. Don Amburgey incorporated the Cumberland Mountain Arts Council as a non-profit corporation in 1997. His vision was to have an outdoor drama somewhere in Letcher County that depicted the John Fox novel about the local area. Amburgey’s efforts, along with those of the Letcher County Fiscal Court, TECO and the City of Jenkins, resulted in the production that continues to captivate audiences some nine years later. The play is only one of two outdoor dramas nationwide with an all-volunteer cast. Although the venue has seen continuous improvements over the years, long-term plans include a state-of-the-art amphitheater with enhanced facilities. Due to the quality of the venue and performers, The Little Shepherd Drama has been awarded membership in the Institute of Outdoor Dramas.