Investing Half a Million Dollars Toward Solar in Letcher County

By Ariel Fugate

Over the past several months, we have been working with four organizations in Letcher County to study and finance installation of solar on their buildings in 2019. 

The four community-led organizations in Letcher County include Hemphill Community Center, Kings Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Housing Oriented Ministries Established for Service, Inc. (HOMES, Inc.), and Appalshop. With utility rates on the rise in Eastern Kentucky, the solar installations support the sustainment of each organization’s critical mission to provide resources to Eastern Kentuckians. 

John Craft, MACED’s New Energy intern, pictured with two HOMES Inc employees on February 26 as they prepare the building for panel install.

This solar system will be tied into the electric grid under Kentucky’s 2008 net metering statute. Because of that, it is anticipated that the costs of the project at HOMES’ will be recovered within 10 years. 

Executive Director Seth Long says the solar project is a key part of their efforts to build a brighter future in the region. 

The organizations are part of the Letcher County Culture Hub, a growing network of community-led organizations in Letcher County who work together to create new opportunities. The Hub has worked together to bring solar to Letcher County, collaborating to get bids from potential installers, learn about financing options, and execute projects. HOMES Inc is the first to execute their project and installation began on February 26.  Read more…